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Armchair Theatre: The Second Interview (ITV 29 Sep 1970, Ronald Radd, Pauline Yates)



Armchair Theatre: The Second InterviewDrama The Second Interview, an entry in the Armchair Theatre strand, saw junior executive Duckworth digging a big hole for himself when he lies to his wife (who has developed a bit of a habit of spending money) that he is inline for a promotion, she is soon busy laying plans to spend their extra income.

UK | ITV Network-Thames¬† / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast Tuesday 29 September 1970 at 9.00pm

Series: Armchair Theatre Season 13 Episode 9

Writer: E. Y. Bannard / Designer: Stan Woodward / Story editor: Monica Menell / Producer: John Lershaw / Executive Producer: Lloyd Shirley / Director: Jonathan Alwyn

Ronald Radd as Duckworth
Ronald Lewis as Derek Ballantyne
Pauline Yates as Ruth
George Belbin as Chairman of Board
Jean McFarlane as Duckworth’s secretary
Jean Hampson as Receptionist