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Arthur’s Treasured Volumes (ITV 1960 with Arthur Askey and Sam Kydd)



UK / ITV Network – ATV / 6×30 minute episodes / 1960 2 May – 6 June Mondays @ 8.00pm black and white

Writer: Dave Freeman / Music: Kenny Powell, Bob Sharples / Orchestra conducted by Jack Parnell / Design by Anthony Waller / Producer: Bill Ward

An anthology of comedies specially tailored for Arthur Askey, in which his daughter Anthea each week read a book from Arthur’s library – cue a retelling of the plot of the book in Arthur’s classic style. Also featured every week were Sam Kydd and Arthur Mullard.

The six episodes were
1. A Blow in Anger (Monday 2 May 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Sam Kydd as Fred / June Whitfield as Enid Brown / Freda Bamford as Mrs Greenways / Anthea Askey as Herself / Arthur Askey as Raymond Brown / Roderick Lovell as Mr Fortescue / Anthony Wilson as Boy / Olga Lowe as Mrs Fortescue / Frank Pettitt as Man in shop / Geoffrey Palmer as Detective Inspector / Wilfrid Brambell as Henry / Sheree Winton as Dolores Greenways / Arthur Mullard as Briggs / Pamela Manson as Mrs Briggs / Roger Avon as Police Sergeant / David Browning as Sailor

2. The History of Mr Lacey (Monday 9 May 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Tony Sympson as Bagley / Sam Kydd as Capt Murphy / Anthea Askey as Herself
Arthur Askey as Wilfred Lacey / Peter Stephens as Mr Wagstaff / Margery Fleeson as Mrs Howard / Arthur Mullard as Miller / Barbara Mitchell as Bella Murphy / Fred McNaughton as Police Sgt / Jill Hyem as Maid / Sidney Brahms as Peek / Dorothy Dampier as Mrs Skint / Anne Dimitri as Louis Blossom

3. The Command Performer (Monday 16 May 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Tony Sympson as Theatre manager / Sam Kydd as Jem / Charles Lloyd Pack as Major / Michael Harrison as Private / Anthea Askey as Herself / Arthur Askey as Tom Merrydew / David Garth as Hamlet / Paddy Edwards as Ophelia / Lucille Gaye as Lady Penelope / Patrick Newell as Beau Brummell / Arthur Mullard as Horace / Roger Avon as Sergeant / David Browning as Corporal / Billy Tasker as Ghost / Ronnie Brody as Amos

4. Pillbeam of Twickenham (Monday 23 May 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Anthea Askey as Herself / Arthur Askey as Cavendish Pillbeam / Maureen Beck as Angela Pillbeam / Rose Hill as Clara / Bernard Spear as Bill Crisper / Wilfrid Brambell as Mortimer Tadding / Arthur Mullard as Rumble / Barbara Mitchell as Florrie Pillbeam / Freddie Frinton as Cabbie / Sheila Bernette as Agnes Barrett / Sam Kydd as Winchester / Audrey Williamson as Mrs Rumble / Julia Atkinson, Daphne Foreman, Elizabeth Parsons, Pauline Foreman as Rumble children

5. A Slight Case of Deception (Monday 30 May 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Tony Sympson as Manservant / Sam Kydd as Corporal Fisher / Anthea Askey as Herself / Arthur Askey as Corporal Flutter / Myrtle Reed as Daphne / Paddy Edwards as Elsie Flutter / Bruno Barnabe as Club manager / Geoffrey Denton as Captain / Frank Pemberton as Mr Brown / Kerrigan Prescott as American soldier / Arthur Mullard as Policeman / Roger Avon as RSM / Fred McNaughton as Referee / Yvonne Buckingham as Cynthia / Billy Tasker as Private Tapley / Tony Harrison as Mr Jones / Jeanne Grosmont as Striptease artist / Also featuring of the Leyton Orient Football Team

6. The Curse of the Bellfoots (Monday 6 June 1960 @ 8.00pm)
Cast: Sam Kydd as Snagsby / Gordon Whiting as Claude / Anthea Askey as Herself / Arthur Askey as Clarence Twinger / Barbara Miller as Mrs Tapshaw / Erik Chitty as Duke of Bellfoot / Henry Longhurst as Butler / Patrick Newell as Banshee Din / Arthur Mullard as Corporal / Roger Avon as Recruiting Sergeant / Stephen Hancock as Mr Bolton / Janet Davies as Miss Tiddy / Ann Way as Servant



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