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Ballet Shoes (BBC-1 2007 with Emma Watson and Victoria Wood)



UK / BBC-1 – Granada / 1×85 minute episode / Broadcast 26 December 2007

Writer: Heidi Thomas / Book: Noel Streatfeild / Script Supervisor: Jane Burrows / Music: Kevin Sargent / Production Design: Jeff Tessler / Executive Producers: Heidi Thomas, Michele Buck, Damien Timmer / Producer: Piers Wenger / Director: Sandra Goldbacher

The kind of lavish high gloss period piece that the BBC do best, Ballet Shoes, based on the much loved Noel Streatfield novel, was one of the beebs Christmas highlights from 2007. It’s all star cast is headed by a young Emma Watson (Hermoine from the Harry Potter movies) as one of three orphans (she plays Rosalie, the others are Petrova (Yasmin Paige) and Rosy (Lucy Boynton) who are being raised by their eldest sister Sylvia (played by Silent Witness star Emilia Fox)

Of course this being the depressed 1930’s times are very hard indeed but the girls are determined to make something of their lives and persuade Sylvia to enrol them in the Academy of Dance and Stage Training, where each learn not only about fulfilling their dreams but also friendship and overcoming adversity.

The cast alone, which is worth of a big budget movie (and includes the likes of Richard Griffiths, Peter Bowles, Eileen Atkins, Harriet Walter and Gemma Jones) is enough to make this something special.

Emilia Fox as Sylvia Brown
Victoria Wood as Nana
Emma Watson as Pauline Fossil
Yasmin Paige as Petrova Fossil
Lucy Boynton as Posy Fossil
Richard Griffiths as Great Uncle Matthew
Marc Warren as Mr Simpson
Lucy Cohu as Theo Dane
Gemma Jones as Doctor Jakes
Harriet Walter as Doctor Smith
Eileen Atkins as Madame Fidolia
Heather Nicol as Winifred
Mary Stockley as Miss Jay
Teresa Churcher as Clara
Skye Bennett as Young Sylvia
Peter Bowles as Sir Donald Houghton
Don Gallagher as Mr French
Emma Darwall-Smith as Titania
Isabella Parriss as Cobweb
Jade Longley as Moth
Adrian Lester as Mr Sholsky
Tim Wallers as Mr Montague
Gresby Nash as Leopold Neville
Ebe Sievwright as Valentin Manoff
Ruth Brill as Dancer
Natasha Mould as Dancer
Jack Thorpe Baker as Dancer

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