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Barbie (ITV 1955 with Marcia Manolescue and Jack Allen)



UK / ITV Network / 7×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 25 October – 6 December 1955 / Tuesdays @ 5.30pm

Novel: Kitty Barne / Adapter: Diana Noel / Settings: George Haslam / Director: Hazel Wilkinson

Drama serial. Bunty comic-esque tale about Barbie, the daughter of a famous musician who goes to live with her cousins, Laurel and Simon in the country. Barbie is obsessed with music and is determined to become a musician and thanks to the help of Miss Fothergill she is able to achieve her ambitions.

Marcia Manolescue as Barbie
Jack Allen as Captain Andrews
Zena Dare as Miss Fothergill
Lucy Griffiths as Postmistress
Lane Meddick as Postman
Jonathan Swift as Simon
Pearl Dadswell as Mrs Port
David Markham asThe Rector
Erika Markham as Laurel
Kenneth Evans as Barbie’s Father

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