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Beau Geste (BBC-1 1982, Benedict Taylor, Jonathan Morris)



Beau Geste is a well remember eight part BBC drama serial broadcast Sunday afternoons between 31 October and 19 December 1982. Popular actor Benedict Taylor played Beau Geste who in the 19th century, joined the tough Foreign Legion with his brothers Digby (Anthony Calf) and John (Jonathan Morris).

The serial was written by Alastair Bell and based on the novel by C.P. Wren. Several Doctor Who alumni were involved with Barry Letts producing and Douglas Camfield directing. Camfield directed the 1976 story The Seeds of Death and Letts was a producer for the series between 1970 and 1975 and produced 128 episodes of the show in total.

Well known faces in the cast included Stefan Gryff and John Forgeham who played the tough Sergeant Major Lejeune.

production details
UK / BBC One / 8×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 31 October -19 December 1982

Writer: Alastair Bell / Novel: C.P. Wren / Visual Effects: Jim Francis / Producer: Barry Letts / Director: Douglas Camfield

Benedict Taylor as Beau Geste
Anthony Calf as Digby Geste
Jonathan Morris as John Geste
Stefan Gryff as Boldini
Julia Chambers as Claudia
Sally Baxter as Isobel
Philip Shelley as Augustus Brandon
Andrew Armour as recruiting sergeant major
Randal Herley as recruiting colonel
Terry Gurry as corporal
John Forgeham as Sergeant Major Lejeune
David Shawyer as Sergeant Major Dufour
John Repsch as corporal
John Patrick as Rastignac
Paul Hawkins as young Beau
Paul Critchley as young John
Robin Crane as young Digby
Sian Pattenden as young Isobel
Lucy Baker as young Claudia