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Before The Sun Goes Down (ITV 1959 with Moultrie Kelsall and Joyce Barbour)



UK / ITV Network-Associated Rediffusion (for Television Playhouse) / 1×60 minute episodes / 1959 20 February black and white

Writer: Lester Fuller / Music: Ron Grainer played by Ron Grainer and Geoff Lofts / Design: John Clements / Director: Robert Tronson

SciFi drama. What is the significance of a mysterious satellite that appears over London – is it alien or military in origin? A drunken Irishman and a young girl find themselves alone in the city after the capital is evacuated.

Moultrie Kelsall as Prime Minister
Joyce Barbour as Madame
Charles Farrell as Bully
Richard Caldicott as General
Margot Van der Burgh as Anna
Harry Landis as Spiv
Anthony Nicholls as Doctor
Douglas Bradley-Smith as Civil servant
Eddie Byrne as Vek
Gerald C. Lawson as Revivalist
Colin Keith Johnson as Scientist
Ewen MacDuff as Admiral

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