Behind The Bike Sheds (ITV 1983-1985, Cal McCrystal, Ken Jones)

Children’s comedy series Behind The Bike Sheds, which ran for two season, detailed the exploits of the kids at Fulley Comprehensive School. The series also made prominent use of sketches and music.

Paul Charles as Paul
Jenny Jay as Jenny
Adam Sunderland as Adam
Andrew Jones as AWOL
Julie MaCauley as Skids
Martha Parsey as Gertrude
Lee Sparke as Chas
Linus Staples as GBH
Tracy Place as Dancer
Lee Whitlock as Student
Denise Bunting as Student
Val McLane as Headmistress
Tina Oiley as Student
Ken Jones as Whistle Willie
Michelle Nordwind as Student
Lisa Savage as Student
Sara Mair-Thomas as Trolly Molly
Maxine Valentine as Student
Melanie Watkins as Student
Cal McCrystal as Pericles Braithwaite
Kjartan Poskitt as Ivan Poskitt

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crew details
Writers: Jan Needle, Tony Slattery, John Yoeman (season 2)
Producer and Director: Alister Hallum (Season 1), Peter Tabern

production details
Country: UK
Network: ITV – Central
Duration: 17×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1983-1985

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