From A Bird’s Eye View (ITV-NBC 1971, Millicent Martin, Patte Finley)

Cabaret star Millicent Martin starred in glossy sitcom From A Bird’s Eye View. She played stewardess Millie who worked for International Airlines flying between the UK and the US. Her best friend and work colleague was Maggie and Clyde Beauchamp was their boss.

The series was made by Lew Grade’s ITC, filmed in England but with a mix of American and English talent.

Guest stars included Arthur Mullard, Jess Conrad, Richard Briers, Frank Thornton, Carmen Munro, Clive Dunn and John Laurie and writers included TEB Clarke, Eric Green, Tom Brennand and Roy Bottomley, Brad Ashton and Lew Schwarz.

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Much of the same production team also worked on similar sitcom Shirley’s World.

production details
UK – USA / ITV – NBC – ITC – ATV – Sheldon Leonard Productions / 15×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 September 1970 – 8 January 1971 (in the UK’s Midlands region), 29 March – 16 August 1971 (in the US and sporadically between 16 September 1973 and 29 March 1975 in the rest of the UK)

Story Editor: Carl Kleinschmitt / Executive Producer: Sheldon Leonard / Producer: Jack Greenwood.

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Millicent Martin as Millie Grover
Patte Finley as Maggie Ralston
Peter Jones as Clyde Beauchamp

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