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Black Work (ITV 2015 with Sheridan Smith and Douglas Henshall)



UK / ITV / x60 minute episodes / Broadcast from Sunday 21 June 2015 @ 9.00pm

Writer: Matt Charman / Script Editor: Paul Testar / Music: Stuart Earl / Costumes: Darren Finch / Production Design: Mike Gunn / Producer: Tom Mullens / Executive Producers: Damien Timmer, Rebecca Keane, Hugo Heppell, Matt Charman / Director: Michael Samuels

Leeds police constable Jo Gillespie is devastated when her husband, undercover officer Ryan, is killed in suspicious circumstances. As she battles to stay strong for the benefit of daughter Melly and stepson Hal, Jo is urged by her bosses, DCI Will Hepburn and Chief Constable Carolyn Jarecki, to leave it to her fellow officers to find the killer.

But when the murder enquiry starts to uncover some dangerous secrets about Ryan, Jo’s faith in the police family of which she has been a part for so long is severely tested. No longer sure who to trust, Jo embarks on her own investigation with the help of friend and colleague Jack Clark, but as they close in on the identity of Ryan’s killer, Jo’s hunt for the truth will put her own life in danger.

Sheridan Smith as Jo Gillespie
Kenny Doughty as Ryan Gillespie
Matthew McNulty as DC Jack Clark
Geraldine James as Chief Constable Carolyn Jarecki
Douglas Henshall as Detective Chief Superintendent Will Hepburn
Andrew Knott as D Lee Miekel
Carla Henry as PC Vicki Stanton
Ace Bhatti as DCI Jahan Kapoor
Sharon Duce as Barbara Gillespie
Lisa Dillon as Carla
Honor Kneafsey as Melly
Oliver Woolford as Hal


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