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Body and Soul (ITV 1993 with Kristin Scott Thomas and Amanda Redman)



UK / ITV – Carlton – Red Rooster / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 8 April – 13 May 1993

Writer: Paul Hines / Executive Producer: Linda James, Jenny Reeks / Producer: Jacky Stoller / Director: Moira Armstrong

Drama serial. Anna Gibson has been shut away in a convent in the Welsh hills for 16 years. When her brother Simon dies tragically she is forced to leave the convent to assist her pregnant sister-in-law.

Her biggest challenge is to prevent the family textile business from going bankrupt. When Anna returns to the convent – where she is known as Sister Gabriel – she receives a mixed reception from the other sisters.

Episode one was co-written by Paul Hines and Jill Hyems.

Kristin Scott Thomas as Sister Gabriel aka Anna Gibson
Amanda Redman as Lynn Gibson
Anthony Valentine as Stan Beattie
John Bowe as Daniel Stern
Dorothy Tutin as Mother Emmnanuel
Sandra Voe as Peggy
Joshua Smith as Jamie Gibson
Ben Hinitt as Matt Gibson
Gareth Milne as Simon Gibson
Gary Mavers as Hal
Bobby Knutt as Charlie Faulkner
Patrick Allen as Walter Street
John Carlisle as Tyler
Kulvinder Ghir as Terry Singh
Caroline O’Neill as Leila



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