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Brack Report, The (ITV 1982 with Donald Sumpter and Robert Lang)



UK / ITV – Thames / 10×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 April – 8 June 1982

Creator: Christopher Penfold / Theme Music: Chistopher Gunning / Executive Producer: John Frankau / Producer: Richard Bates

Drama series. Scientist Paul Brack discovers that an Earthquake has caused damage to parts of the nuclear power station where he works. Disturbed at the lack of safety at the plant Brack quits in disgust and begins working for energy consultant Harold Harlan and his company Harlan International with hopes that Harlan can shed light on the issue of nuclear safety. Harlan meanwhile has his own plans for Brack.

A series very much of it’s time, the UK populace in the early 80s was convinced that a nuclear war was imminent and and this serial very much taps into those nuclear fears.

Donald Sumpter as Paul Brack
Robert Lang as Harold Harlan
Patricia Garwood as Pat Brack
Jenny Seagrove as Angela Brack
Neil Nisbet as Oliver Brack