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Cooking On A Budget (ITV 1974-1975 with Toni Stoppani)



UK / ITV – Harlech TV / 7×30 minute episodes / Broadcast Tuesday 31 December 1974 – Tuesday 11 February 1975

Production Associate: Barbara Twigg / Director: Terry Harding

With the mid 1970’s seeing the UK in something of an economic crisis this lunch time (broadcast at 12.30pm) show looked at ways to cook decent food on a budget.

Host Toni Stoppani was a well known TV Chef who has been forgotten somewhat these days, each episode saw him cook for (and answer questions from) a different specially selected audience – the first episode saw him cooking for young couples whilst the second was OAPs.

Episode 3 looked at working mums and episode 4 focused on mums with toddlers. Episode 5 was cooking for large families and episode 6 looked at single people. The seventh and final episode was about cooking for school-leavers.



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