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Curse Of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb, The (ITV 1980 with Robin Ellis and Harry Andrews)



UK / ITV – HTV – CBS / Stronmberg-Kerby / 1×95 minute episode / Broadcast 31 August 1980

Writer: Herb Meadow / Costume: Joan Bridge / Book: Barry Wynne / Music: Gil Melle / Design: John Biggs / Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole / Producer: Peter Graham Scott / Director: Philip Leacock

Period drama. In 1922 Howard Carter discovers the tomb of King Tutankhamun soon strange events begin to happen.

Publicity of the time made much of the fact that the production seemed to be dogged by ill luck or possibly even cursed (much like the curse said to surround the tomb itself). The series was filmed (with a two million pound budget) at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and original star Ian McShane had to be replaced by Robin Ellis after the vintage car he was driving plunged 40 feet off the side of a cliff for no apparent reason. Although to be fair most mishaps were down to the usual vagaries of filming and it was mostly a good publicity opportunity given the subject matter.

Robin Ellis as Howard Carter
Eva Marie Saint as Sarah Morrissey
Harry Andrews as Lord Carnarvon
Wendy Hiller as Princess Velma
Angharad Rees as Lady Evelyn Herbert
Tom Baker as Hassan
Raymond Burr as Jonash Sabastian
Faith Brook as Lady Almina Carnarvon
Rupert Frazer as Collins
Stefan Kalipha as Daoud
Darien Angadi as Amed Nahas
John Palmer as Fishbait
Andy Pantelidou as Lieutenant
Alfred Hoffman as Stallholder
Rex Holdsworth as Doctor
Paul Scofield as Narrator



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