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Daddy’s Girl (ITV-1 2002 with Martin Kemp and Stephanie Leonidas)



UK / ITV-1 – Meridian / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast 23 September 2002 at 9:00pm

Writer: Philomena McDonagh / Producer: David Lascelles / Director: Bill Eagles

17 year old Emma lives alone with her father, Chris, following her mother’s abandonment of the family 10 years ago – a mother who hasn’t been in contact at all since that day. But Emma starts to get suspicious that perhaps her mother didn’t just run away and persuades the police to re-open their missing person’s file.

Martin Kemp as Chris Cooper
Stephanie Leonidas as Emma Cooper
Nicholas Hutchison as Malcolm
Denise Black as Sue
Sam Green as James
Helen Kvale as Carol
Trevor Fox as Dan Rothwell
Ray Lonnen as Solicitor
Kate Allen as Kate
Louise Page as Fiona Cooper
Ruth Adams as Fiona Wilson
Paul Danan as Nathan
June Bailey as Marion Wilson
Ellen O’Grady as Ms Pearson
Micky Hughes as Norman
Martha Cope as WPC Norris
William Ash as Detective Constable Hallam
Richard Walsh as Detective Inspector Paterson
Sarah Hadland as Detective Constable Parkes
Jonathan Linsley as Detective Constable Barber