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A Dangerous Life (ITV-HBO Thriller, Gary Busey, Rebecca Gilling)



A Dangerous Life (ITV-HBO Thriller, Gary Busey, Rebecca Gilling)

In three part thriller mini-series A Dangerous Life, TV Reporter Tony O’Neill (Gary Busey) finds himself caught up in the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

This torn from the headlines thriller was essentially an Australian production but with input from both the UK and USA.Notably in the shape of star Busey and a co-production credit for HBO.

Cast: GARY BUSEY as Tony O’Neill; REBECCA GILLING as Angie Fox; RUBEN RUSTIA as President Marcos; TESSIE TOMAS as Imelda Marcos; LAURIE GUILLEN as Cory Aquino; JAMES HANDY as Mike Heseltine; JOONEE GAMBOA as Juan ‘Johnny’ Ponce Enrile; ARTHUR SHERMAN as Alex; DAVE BRODETT as Galman; LEAH CABUSI as Kris Aquino; PITA LIBORO as ‘Ballsy’ Aquino

Writer: David Williamson / Camera: James Bartle / Design: Murray Picknett / Costume: David Rowe / Music: Brian May / Producer: Hal McElroy / Director: Robert Markowitz

UK – Australia / ITV – Central – Zenith – HBO – ABC / 3×120 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 April – 12 April 1989