Friendly Persuaders, The (ITV 1969, Edward Judd, Joe Melia)

In one off scifi drama The Friendly Persuaders, an alien race, The Taraxans, arrive on Earth painting an idyllic picture of their world but one Whitehall sceptic, Steven Leach, is not so convinced.

Series: ITV Playhouse Season 2 Episode 34

EDWARD JUDD as Steven Leach
GRANT TAYLOR as Sir Terence Norrington
JOE MELIA as Michael Donnell
JULIAN CURRY as Adrian Collingwood
LIBBY GLEN as Sue Long
JONATHAN NEWTH as Bernard Webb
STELLA TANNER as Madame Alex
MILTON JOHNS as John Frisby

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crew details
Writer: Paul Wheeler
Design: Michael Bailey
Executive Producer: Cecil Clarke
Director: John Sichel

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV – ATV
Duration: 1×90 minute episode
Aired From: Monday 23 June 1969 at 8.30pm

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