Grandad (BBC-1 1979-1984, Clive Dunn, Geoffrey Russell)

Grandad Clive Dunn

Children’s sitcom Grandad followed the exploits of Charlie Quick, the elderly caretaker of Parkview Rehearsal Hall. His efforts to help usually hinder.

Grandad has that same slapstick knockabout style as other Bob Block series like Rentaghost. The series was inspired by Clive Dunn’s number one hit single of the same name and Dunn was chief creator of the series. The actor, best known for his role as Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, often played characters much older than his year.

Dunn had first debuted the character of Charlie Quick in a six part 1957 BBC series called The Adventures of Charlie Quick.

production details
UK / BBC One / 22×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 October 1979 – 1 February 1984

Creator: Clive Dunn / Writer: Bob Block / Producer and Director: Jeremy Swan

CLIVE DUNN as Charlie “Grandad” Quick
MAURICE THOROGOOD as Digby Rigby (Season 1)
JANE WADDELL as Mildred (Season 1)
JAMES MARCUS as Bert Bamford (Seasons 2-4)

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