Harnessing Peacocks (ITV 1992 with Serena Scott Thomas and Peter Davison)



UK / ITV – Meridian – Friday / 1×120 minute episode / Broadcast 1992

Writer: Andrew Davies / Novel: Mary Wesley / Music: Richard Holmes / Executive Producers: Georgina Abrahams, Betty Willingale Director: James Cellan Jones

Drama. An upper-class single mum puts her son through private schooling by using her body with a collection of wealthy admirers.

Director James Cellan Jones took a Hitchcock style cameo as a milkman (he was credited as Iago Jones).

Serena Scott Thomas as Hebe
Peter Davison as Jim
John Mills as Bernard
Tom Beasley as Silas
Renée Asherson as Louisa
Brenda Bruce as Amy
Nicholas Le Prevost as Mungo
Richard Huw as Rory
Abigail McKern as Hannah
David Harewood as Terry
Dilys Hamlett as Lucy
Jeremy Child as Julian
Marsha Fitzalan as Alison
Delia Lindsay as Jennifer
Richard Mathews as Grandfather
Elizabeth Ashley as Grandmother
Tom Beard as Robert
Cara Konig as Ann
Nicholas Palliser as Delian
Helen Schlesinger as Cara
Buffy Davis as Patsy
Jay Benedict as Eli
Jamie Groves as Giles
Jackson Kyle as Alistair
Ben Keyworth as Michael
Jamie McClelland as Ian

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