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Inquisitors, The (ITV 1968 with Tony Selby and Alan Lake)



UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / Never Transmitted

Script Editor: Ken Wlaschin / Producer: John Bryce

An interesting one this, intended to be the first drama series put together by LWT The inquisitors was going to be a 13 part crime drama series starring Tony Selby and Alan Lake but after three episodes were completed the whole series was dropped and everybody was paid off and the completed episodes junked.

No one really knows why it never came to fruition but some scripts are held by the British Film Institute. Writers were to have included Roy Clarke, Trevor Preston, Tim Aspinall, James Mitchell and Troy Kennedy Martin whilst directors would have included James Gatward, Shaun O’Riordan and James Goddard.

There is also some confusion over the surname of Selby’s character, in one script he is called McIver and in others McLeave.

Diana Dors (Mrs Alan Lake) guest starred in one of the completed episodes (The Peeling of Sweet P Lawrence), other actors included Patrick Magee, Luan Peters, John Savident and Alfred Burke. The three completed episodes were titled How Much Milk of Human Thingy, The Peeling of Sweet P Lawrence and Duet on a Cold Trail.

Tony Selby as McLeave
Alan Lake as Garcia


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