Killer (ITV 1984, John Thaw, Edward Woodward)



Killer was a short run umbrella title for three thrillers made by Yorkshire TV each with a killer, naturally enough, as it’s theme.

The first was Killer Waiting with John Thaw as a retired solider targeted by a hitman. The second was Killer Exposed starring Anthony Valentine as a dentist with a fatal attraction. Both of these were written by Eric Wendell.

Finally there was Killer Contract written by Robin Chapman, with Edward Woodward as a businessman whose daughter is threatened.

Killer Exposed Anthony Valentine

Anthony Valentine in Killer Exposed.

Other actors appearing included Diane Keen (Waiting), John Forgeham (Exposed), Michael Sheard (Exposed) and Wanda Ventham (Contract)

1. KILLER WAITING (17 Feb 1984)
2. KILLER EXPOSED (24 Feb 1984)
3. KILLER CONTRACT (2 Mar 1984)

production details
UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 3×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 February – 2 March 1984

Executive Producer: David Cunliffe

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