A Kind Of Loving (ITV 1982, Clive Wood, Joanne Whalley)

Period drama serial A Kind of Loving was about the life and romantic entanglements of Vic Brown (Clive Wood) in Yorkshire and London from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, especially his relationship and later marriage to Ingrid Rothwell (Joanne Whalley).

When Vic meets Ingrid he is desperate to bed her but the joys of marriage don’t hold much allure for him and affairs in London are soon more his thing.

Stan Barstow based the series on his novels A Kind Of Loving, The Watchers On The Shore, The Right True End.

Cast: Clive Wood as Vic Brown; Joanne Whalley as Ingrid Rothwell; John Gabriel as Mr. Van Huyten; Robert Keegan as Mr Brown; Constance Chapman as Mrs. Brown; Patrick Nyland as David Lester; Cherith Mellor as Christine Lester; Clare Kelly as Mrs. Rothwell; Fred Pearson as Mr. Rothwell; Neil Phillips as Albert Conroy; Susan Penhaligan as Donna Pennyman; Marjorie Sudell as Mrs Witherspoon

Writer: Stan Barstow / Music: Derek Hilton / Producer: Pauline Shaw

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UK / ITV – Granada / 10×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 April – 6 June 1982


1. BOXING DAY 1957
On the day of his sisters wedding Vic Brown meets Ingrid Rothwell and begins a relationship with her. Vic is a draughtsman and Ingrid works in the same building as him.

2. JANUARY 1958
Vic is seeing quite a lot of Ingrid but he decides to throw in his job at and takes a position in a music shop run by Mr Van Huyten.

3. MAY 1958 to MARCH 1959
Although still involved with Ingrid Vic is definitely unsure of whether he wants to continue things with her or not. But things soon happen which means Vic will have to be with Ingrid.

4. APRIL 1959
Ingrid has fallen pregnant which means she and Vic are going to have to get married, Vic moves in with Ingird’s parent’s house which he is not at all happy about. Ingrid then loses their baby in a fall.

Vic has the chance of a new draughtsman job, however it is down south in Essex, Ingrid doesn’t want to go but Vic goes on his own anyway.

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6. DECEMBER 1962
Vic has started his new job with Joyce and Walstock, he is seeing very little of Ingrid and he then meets actress Donna Pennyman in a pub and begins an affair with her.

Vic is pretty keen on Donna, her career is taking off and she moves to London,she then falls pregnant after a fling with an old boyfriend and runs off home to her parents, leaving Vic alone.

8. AUGUST 1963
Vic and Ingrid are finished, for good so he thinks but on a visit home to see his ill father Vic see Ingrid whilst getting furniture out of their flat.

9. OCTOBER 1973
It’s now ten years later Vic and Ingrid are divorced and Vic is living in London, he then meets Dona Pennyman again.

10. OCTOBER 1973
Vic is seeing a lot of Donna and her son, he then learns that he is in fact the father of Donna’s child.

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