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Late Call (BBC-2 1975 with Dandy Nichols and Leslie Dwyer)



UK / BBC Two / 4×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1 – 22 March 1975

Writer: Dennis Potter / Novel: Angus Wilson / Script Editor: Lennox Phillips / Production Design: Spencer Chapman / Producer: Ken Riddington / Director: Philip Dudley

Drama serial. Married, elderly former seaside landlady, Sylvia, retires and she and husband Arthur move in with their grown up son and his wife in the New Town of Carshall. Of course things are far from easy for all concerned.

One of the rare non-original works from Dennis Potter, as always though he has a firm hand on the tiller. Potter also manages to squeeze a few of his own concerns into the four parter, not least the notion of how much distance there is between the two generations – something ample flashbacks also bring to the fore.

Dandy Nichols as Sylvia Calvert
Michael Bryant as Harold Calvert
Leslie Dwyer as Arthur Calvert
Danielle Carson as Young Sylvia
Sarah Sutton as Myra Longmore
Rosalyn Elvin as Judy Calvert
Tim Morand as Ray Calvert
Nigel Crewe as Mark Calvert
Elizabeth Chambers as Mrs Longmore
Mary Chester as Sylvia’s Mother