Lee and Dean (Channel 4 2018, Miles Chapman, Mark O’Sullivan)

In this sitcom Stevenage-based builders Lee and Dean are brothers from other mothers, inseparable best friends since they first met at school. That is until Lee meets and falls in love with Nikki and she moves into their flat.

Lee has also been enjoying ‘builder’s perks’ with posh client Mrs. Bryce-D’Souza, who sees their dalliances as more than client aftercare. When Mrs. Bryce-D’Souza turns up at Lee’s birthday party unannounced, Lee is terrified that she’ll tell Nikki what’s been going on… until Dean steps in to save the day. And when Dean’s dad Terry mishears a drunken conversation, he unknowingly forces Lee and Nikki to commit to each other publicly.

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A pilot episode aired on All4 and YouTube in 2015 before the series followed in 2018.

production details
Country: UK | Channel 4
Release Year: 2018

Writers: Miles Chapman, Mark O’Sullivan, Sam Underwood
Director: Mark O’Sullivan
Producers: Miles Chapman, Phil Clarke, Mark O’Sullivan

Miles Chapman as Lee
Mark O’Sullivan as Dean
Sam Underwood as Little Dean
Perry Benson as Terry
Eoin McSorley as Nightmare
Sean Miller as Sheets
Zoe Watkins as Steph
Dan Bramall as Yorkie
Natalie Gordon as Lynn
Martyn Jolly as Mr. Cabott-Silk
Camille Ucan as Nikki
Kieran Hill as Brock
Jason Barnett as Midnight
Victoria Bush as Maz Nolan
Stuart Clark as Corrrine
Adam Lannon as Kevin Fry-Darroch

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