Making Waves (ITV-1 2004 with Alex Fearns and Geoff Bell)



UK / ITV-1 – Carlton / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 7 July – 21 July 2004

Creators: Ted Childs, Richard Maher / Script Editor: Rachel Knight / Series Consultant: Commodore Barry Leighton R.N. / Executive Producer: Ted Childs / Series Producer: Stephen Smallwood

Drama set on board the Royal Navy frigate HMS Suffolk. Commander Martin Brooke takes on the command of the Suffolk for its sea-trials.

NOTE: The drama performed badly in the ratings and was pulled from the schedules after only 3 episodes had been shown.

Alex Ferns as Commander Martin Brooke
Geoff Bell as Buffer
Emily Hamilton as Lieutenant Commander Jenny Howard
Ian Bartholomew as Lieutenant Commander William Lewis
Steve Speirs as CCMEA Andy Fellows
Chloe Howman as Teresa Fellows
Paul Chequer as LMEA Dave Finnan
Lee Boardman as Leading Chef
Darren Morfitt as Steward ‘Scouse’ Phillips
Joanna Page as OM Rosie Bowen
Lee Turnbull as OM Mickey Sobanski
Diane Beck as Leading Regular Liz Wilson
Stephen Kennedy as Lieutenant Commander James Maguire
Angel Coulby as LMA Anita Cook

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