Meet The Wife (BBC-1 1964-1966, Freddie Finton, Thora Hird)

Sitcom Meet The Wife detailed the ups and downs of northern married couple the Blacklock’s. Freddie Blacklock is a plumber living and working in the north of England. He’s a down-to-earth sort of bloke who likes to take things easy.

Meanwhile Freddie’s wife Thora has ambitions for the couple to ‘get on’ and improve their station in life. She has a snobbish streak, often ‘putting on a posh voice’ in a vain attempt to impress whoever she happens to be speaking to at the time.

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The series grew out of a 1963 Comedy Playhouse entry called The Bed (broadcast 28 December) and had the accolade of being referred to in the Beatles’ song “Good Morning, Good Morning”.

production details
UK / BBC One / 39×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 21 April 1964 – 19 December 1966 Five seasons black and white

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Writers: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney / Producers: John Paddy Carstairs, Robin Nash

Thora Hird as Thora Blacklock
Freddie Finton as Freddie Blacklock

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