Mrs Biggs (ITV 2012, Sheridan Smith, Daniel Mays)

Period drama series Mrs Biggs told the story of the Great Train Robbery and it’s aftermath from the point of view of Ronnie Bigg’s wife. In the 1950′s Charmian Powell, daughter of a highly strict and upright father, meets petty crook Ronald Biggs. Despite the opposition of her parents the pair get married and Ronnie determines to go straight. In 1963 though he is persuaded by old mate Bruce Reynolds to take part in a massive robbery on train carrying a fortune in used notes. The Great Train Robbery causes a massive across the country and the gang find themselves extremely wanted. When Ronnie is caught he is shocked to be sentenced to thirty years. Later he manages to escape and gets away to Australia with Charmain and their kids. For four years they manage to live an ordinary life until Ronnie is forced to flee once again – this time to South America. Charmian stays behind to bring up their three children.

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Brilliantly told true story of one of the most famous criminal events of the twentieth century (and it’s aftermath) but seen from the perspective of the wife of one of the main players. Sheridan Smith and Daniel Mays were real stand outs as Charmain and Ronnie and the atmosphere was spot on.

production details
UK – Australia / ITV1 Network – Channel 7 – December Media / 5×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 September – 3 October 2012 Wednesdays @ 9.00pm

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Writer: Jeff Pope / Producers: Kwadjo Dajan, Tony Wright / Executive Producers: Jeff Pope, George Adams / Director: Paul Whittington

Sheridan Smith as Charmian Biggs
Daniel Mays as Ronald Biggs
Caroline Goodall as Muriel Powell
Adrian Scarborough as Bernard Powell
Oscar Sanders as Nicky Biggs
Blake Nicholson as Twiz
Jay Simpson as Bruce Reynolds
Jack Lowden as Alan Wright
Claire Rushbrook as Ruby Wright
Leo Gregory as Eric Flower
Denise Roberts as Annie Pitcher
Ron Cook as Peter
Tom Brookeas Mike Haynes
Jamie Croft as Sam
Jon Foster as Gordon Goody
Iain McKee as Charlie Wilson
Matthew Cullum as Buster Edwards
Freya Stafford as Julie Flower

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