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North And South (BBC-2 1975 with Patrick Stewart and Robin Bailey)



UK / BBC-2 / 4×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1-22 December 1975

Writer: David Turner / Novel: Elizabeth Gaskell / Design: Tim Harvey / Script Editor: Betty Willingale / Music: Dudley Simpson / Producer: Martin Lisemore / Director: Rodney Bennett

Period drama serial. Margaret Hale’s family is forced to move from their comfortable life in the South to the less prosperous working class North in the cotton mill town of Milton. There she meets mill owner John Thornton whom she perceives as being harsh and unjust with his workers during strike action.

His fortunes wane and eventually circumstances transpire that she inherits the mill and becomes the new owner which brings them together romantically for a happy ending. Interestingly when the serie was remade in 2004 Tim Pigott-Smith had a role in that too, he plays son Frederick Hale in the first and in the second some thirty years later plays the father Richard Hale.

Rosalind Shanks as Margaret Hale
Patrick Stewart as John Thornton
Rosalie Crutchley as Mrs Thornton
Gail Harrison as Edith Shaw
Robin Bailey as Mr Hale
Kathleen Byron as Mrs Hale
Ian Marter as Henry Lennox
Peggy Ann Wood as Dixon
Barbara Hickmott as Bessy Higgins
Ginette McDonald as Mary Higgins
Norman Jones as Nicholas Higgins
Tim Pigott-Smith as Frederick Hale


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