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Now Look Here (BBC-1 1971-1973, Ronnie Corbett, Rosemary Leach)



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Sitcom Now Look Here focused on Mummy’s boy Ronnie (Ronnie Corbett) who is still very much tied to the apron strings in the heart of suburban Bramley. Ronnie’s office job leaves him bored beyond belief too. Luckily though love was on the horizon and by the second season was gearing up for married life with a girl called Laura (Rosemary Leach).

This series, created and written by Python alumni Graham Chapman and Barry Cryer can be seen very much as a forerunner to Ronnie Corbett’s long running 1980’s sitcom Sorry.

Now Look Here also gained a sequel in 1974 called The Prince of Denmark which saw Ronnie and Laura running their own pub. Ronnie Corbett and Rosemary Leach had previously appeared in the popular No That’s Me Over Here.

production details
UK / BBC-1 / 14×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 November 1971 – 7 March 1973

Writers: Barry Cryer, Graham Chapman / Theme Music: Denis King / Music: Ronnie Hazlehurst / Producer and Director: Bill Hitchcock

Ronnie Corbett as Ronnie
Rosemary Leach as Laura
Madge Ryan as Mother
Richard O’Sullivan as Keith
Donald Hewlett as Colonel Sutcliffe
Timothy Carlton as Neil Collinson (season 2)