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Australian TV

Paper Man, The (ABC 1990, John Bach, Oliver Tobias)



Drama serial The Paper Man told of the rise to power of Australian media mogul Philip Cromwell, from buying his first Sydney newspaper to building a world empire of media related businesses.

Clearly based on Rupert Murdoch this was a relatively high profile UK-Australia co-production between the ABC and ITV network Granada.

production details
Australia / ABC-Roadshow Coote and Carroll-Granada / 3×120 minute episodes / Broadcast 5-7 September 1990

Writer: Keith Aberdein, John Lonie / Camera: Ian Warburton / Design: Marcus North / Music: Chris Neal / Producers: Sue Masters, Greg Ricketson / Executive Producers: Matt Carroll, Penny Chapman / Director: Peter Fisk

JOHN BACH as Philip Cromwell
REBECCA GILLING as Virginia Morgan
PETA TOPPANO as Kate Cromwell
PAT BISHOP as Marjorie Stack
BARRY OTTO as Elliot Calder
PAUL CHUBB as Clarrie Bullock
GENNIE NEVINSON as Alice Drummond
CHARLES GRAY as Prime Minister
ROB STEELE as Frank Coates
BOB BAINES as Barry Slater
FREDDIE JONES as Sir Charles Llewellyn
RICHARD ROXBURGH as ‘Gracie’ Fields
RAY BARRETT as Maurice Grimm