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Picture Page (BBC 1936-1952, Joan Miller, Leslie Mitchell)



One of the UK / BBC’s first shows, Picture Page had a magazine format and Joan Miller, the switchboard girl, opened each edition of the show seated at a telephone switchboard connected to a TV screen which she used to “connect” the viewers at home to the subjects featured in that edition of the show. Also involved were Leslie Mitchell who did the interviews, Jasmine Bligh and John Snagge.

The guests on the first edition were Jim Mollison, interviewed on his record Atlantic flight by W. Courtenay, Kay Stammers, Guy Fawkes Interruption (Three Boys and a Guy); `Bossy’ Phelps, the King’s Bargemaster, G. Whitlaw (a cartoonist), P. Grainger, The Lord Mayor’s Coachman, Alexander Shaw (film director), Mrs Donisthorpe, first woman announcer, Algernon Blackwood with Two Ghost Stories; Mr., Mrs. and Master Tinsley, Pearly King, Queen and Prince of Blackfriars, and R. Pasquale on the Barrel Organ.

After the break for the second world war the show returned with Joan Gilbert replacing Miller, Mary Malcom was also a regular.

Creator/Editor: Cecil Miller / Producers included George More O’Ferrall, Royston Morley, Harold Clayton, John Irwin, Stephen McCormack, Michael Mills

UK / BBC / x60 minute episodes / 1936-39 and 1946-52