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Pictures (ITV 1983 with Peter McEnery and Wendy Morgan)



UK / ITV – ATV – Central / 7×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 11 February – 25 March 1983

Writer: Roy Clarke / Music: Jim Parker / Producer: Joan Brown / Director: Carol Wiseman

“Our first row he tried to run me over with an Austin all weather tourer.”

Period drama serial. In the 1920’s a group of people try to mark their way in the burgeoning film world especially screenwriter Bill Trench and wannabe star Ruby Sears.

Wonderful glimpse into the silent movie business and with a top notch couple of performances from Peter McEnery and Wendy Morgan (not sure why Morgan didn’t have a more prominent career, she is fabulous here). Roy Clarke’s dialogue is fabulous, full of quick fire repartee.

The series is a sort of companion piece to Clarke’s 1980 series Flickers which dealt with the very beginnings of the film industry in the UK.

Peter McEnery as Bill Trench
Wendy Morgan as Ruby Sears
Harry Towb as Ziggy Olman
Anton Rodgers as Garfield Forbes-Lawson
Annette Badland as Vera
Malcolm Jamieson as Graham
Marc Smith as Harry Lassiter
Marianne Borgo as Margot Romark
John Carlin as Cockburn

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