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Plateau Of Fear (ITV Scifi, John Barron, Gerald Flood)



In family scifi drama Plateau of Fear science journalist Mark Bannerman (Gerald Flood) and his assistant Peter Blake (Stewart Guidotti) are investigating a series of strange attacks at Potencia One – a power plant in an area of Andea known as Santa Montana. Locals are convinced that a devilish and giant beast is behind the attacks. Bannerman and Blake discover that sinister bad guy General Villagran is really behind the attacks. He wants the power plant to use for his own militaristic plans.

Much of the crew as well as stars Gerald Flood and Stewart Guidotti had worked on the popular Pathfinders series. Pathfinders had focused on outer space this series and its sequels City Beneath The Sea and Secret Beneath The Sea was all about atomic energy.

Cast: JOHN BARRON as Dr Miguel Aranda; JAN MILLER as Dr Susan Fraser; GERALD FLOOD as Mark Bannerman; STEWART GUIDOTTI as Peter Blake; PETER ALLENBY as Lorca; FERDY MAYNE as General Villagran; ROGER DELGADO as General Perera

Writers: Malcolm Stuart Fellows, Sutherland Ross / Production Design: Roger King, James Douglas / Programme Advisor: Mary Field / Music: Clive Rogers / Producer: Guy Verney / Director: Kim Mills

UK / ITV – ABC / 6×25 minute episodes / Sunday 24 September – Sunday 29 October 1961