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Play For Today: Everybody Say Cheese (BBC-1 3 June 1971 with Roy Kinnear and James Hazledine)



UK / BBC One / 1×75 minutes / Broadcast Thursday 3 June 1971 @ 9.20pm

Writer: Douglas Livingstone / Production Design: John Cooper / Producer: Irene Shubik / Director: Alan Clarke

Series: Play For Today / Season 1 Episode 23

Drama. Ageing beach photographer Henry Hunter, who spends every summer in Margate staying in a boarding house run by his old friend Frank and his wife Hylda, finds the the changing of the times affecting his working life.

Roy Kinnear as Henry Hunter
Avis Bunnage as Hylda Cheatham
James Hazledine as George Green
George Tovey as Frank Cheatham
Christine Ozanne as Janet Cheatham
Winifred Sabine as Mrs Cramp
Margaret Brady as Barbara
Esta Charkham as Dianne
Basil Clarke as Mr Old
Horace James as ‘The Maid’
Queenie Watts as Mrs Brass
Sara-Jane Ladbrook as Linda
John Scott Martin as Man At Exhibition