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R3 (BBC-1 1964-1965 with John Robinson and Oliver Reed)



UK / BBC One / 26×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 20 November 1964 – 28 September 1965 black and white

Creator: N.J. Crisp / Theme Music: Ken Thorne / Producers: Andrew Osborn, John Robins

Scifi drama series. Stories of the staff of Research Centre Number 3 (hence the title of the show) of the Ministry of Research. The team, led by Sir Michael Gerrard, have a remit to look after situations of the more extraordinary kind.

Season two upped the scifi ante a bit more with much of the focus shifted to the teams trouble shooting branch. A young Oliver Reed had a key role in the second season.

John Robinson as Sir Michael Gerrard
Richard Wordsworth as Peter Travers
Elizabeth Sellars as May Howard
Edwin Richfield as Pomeroy
Simon Lack as Jack Morton
Moultrie Kelsall as Fratton
Brenda Saunders as Miss Brooks
Derek Benfield as Tom Collis
Janet Kelly as Betty Mason
Edwin Richfield as Mr Pomeroy
Oliver Reed as Richard Franklin (season two)
Michael Hawkins as Philip Boult (season two)

The Episodes
Season One 20 November 1964 – 13 February 1965
1. State of Anxiety
2. Against The Stream
3. On The Spike
4. The Patrioit
5. Thunderbolt
6. The Short Cut
7. The Forum
8. Patterns of Behavior
9. The Fratton Experiment
10. The Critical Moment
11. The Angel
12. The Astronaut
13. A Whole Lot of Reasons

Season Two 6 July – 28 September 1965
1. The Big Balloon
2. Unwelcome Visitor
3. One Free Man
4. Experiment in Death
5. Black Warning
6. In Your Own Backyard
7. Witch Doctor
8. And No Birds Sing
9. A Sudden Change of Programme
10. It’s Better To Know
11. A Source of Contamination
12. Good, Clean Fun
13. Personal Appearance