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Shadows of Fear (ITV 1970-1973, Michael Craig, George Cole)



Shadows of Fear Return of Favours Robin Ellis and Jennie Linden

Shadows of Fear was an anthology series of strange and often scary dramas made for ITV in the early 1970’s. From it’s decidedly creepy opening titles and theme music to the often bizarre stories of domestic weirdness it was a series that carried with it an air of menace.

Writers included such names as Roger Marshall, Richard Harris, John Kershaw, Hugh Leonard and Jeremy Paul whilst the casts included the likes of Michael Craig, Mark McManus, George Cole, Ronald Hines, Sheila Hancock, Judy Parfitt, Ian Bannen, Peter Barkworth, Ray Smith and Edward Fox.

The series began on 17 June 1970 with a Roger Marshall story but the series proper began the following year on 12 January.

A final stray episode, clearly made at the same time as the others, aired on Wednesday 31 January 1973 at 11.00pm, this only ran in a half hour slot.

Shadows of Fear White Walls Olive Green Carpet

The decidedly creepy White Walls and Olive Green Carpets with Ian Bannen as an adulterous husband

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 10×50 minute episodes 1×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 June 1970 – 31 January 1973

1. DID YOU LOCK UP (17 Jun 1970)
2. SUGAR AND SPICE (12 Jan 1971)
3. AT OCCUPIER’S RISK (19 Jan 1971)
4. THE DEATH WATCHER (26 Jan 1971)
5. REPENT AT LEISURE (2 Feb 1971)
6. RETURN OF FAVOURS (9 Feb 1971)
7. THE LESSER OF TWO (16 Feb 1971)
9. SOUR GRAPES (2 Mar 1971)
10. COME INTO MY PARLOUR (9 Mar 1971)
11. THE PARTY’S OVER (31 Jan 1973)