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Take It Away (BBC 1955 with Harry Green and Brian Oulton)



UK / BBC / 75 minutes / Broadcast 26 December 1955

Writer: Moss Mindelbaum / Producer: Adrian Waller

A farcical comedy with a few interesting names in the cast list including Alfie Bass and Toke Townley who would go on to be better known as Grandad Sugden in the early years of Emmerdale Farm.

Harry Green as Victor Levison
Gareth Wigan as Eric Abelson
Brian Oulton as John Dignity
Harriette Johns as Margot Dignity
Willoughby Goddard as Bishop Dignity
Toke Townley as Tich Dignity
Roland Green as Sammy Dignity
Frank Royde as Matthew Abelson
Danny Green as Butcher Dignity
Alfie Bass as Split Sargent
Rowena Gregory as Philippa Levison
Sidney Keith as Detective
Richard Caldicot as Andrew Bull
Donald Bisset as Sneider
Charles Lamb as Jelenek