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Adventures of Twizzle, The (ITV 1957-1958, Denise Bryer)



Puppet tales of a toy with elastic arms and legs. Notable for being Gerry Anderson’s first contribution (as director) to British television, The Adventures of Twizzle concerned a toy with a Wee Willy Winkie hat and stretchable arms and legs who ran away from a toy shop and ended up in all sorts of scrapes. At Twizzle’s side was a large cat named Footso (after his enormous paws).

Twizzle and Footso built a haven for stray toys, a sort of refuge from naughty children. They called it Stray Town, and that was where most of the adventures took place.

Among the mistreated and neglected toys were Chawky (a white-faced golliwog), Jiffy the Broomstick Man, Polly Moppet, Candy Floss (a “Mamma doll’ which couldn’t say ‘Mamma’) and Bouncy (a ball which had lost its bounce).

The brains behind Twizzle was Roberta Leigh, later noted for torchy and space patrol. However, it is largely for Anderson’s direction that the series is remembered today, even though he contributed to only the first 26 episodes.

With Denise Bryer as The Voice of Twizzle

production details
UK / ITV – Associated Rediffusion / 52×15 minute episodes /1957-1958

Creator and Producer: Roberta Leigh / Director: Gerry Anderson (episodes 1-26)