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Bass Player And The Blonde, The (ITV 1977-78 with Edward Woodward, Jane Wymark, George Sewell)



UK / ITV NETWORK – ATV / 1×90 minute episode 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 June 1977 and 8 – 22 August 1978

Creator: Roy Clarke / Writers: Roy Clarke, Ian Lindsay, Phil Redmond / Producer and Director: Dennis Vance

Comedy drama serial. Middle aged, debt ridden Jazz musician George Manghan, falls in love with the wealthy and much younger Terry much to the distress of her father.

The three part serial was preceded by a 90 minute play broadcast under the ITV Playhouse strand (written by Roy Clarke and reflected in the episode count above).

The three episodes were titled Rondo (written by Ian Lindsay), Allegro (written by Phil Redmond) and Andante (written by Lindsay and Redmond).

Edward Woodward as Mangham
Jane Wymark as Terry
Ronald Fraser as Charlie
George Sewell as Drummer
Betty McDowall as Beth
Sam Kydd as Max
Stanley Lebor as Lenny
Barry Linehan as Platt
Mary Kerridge
Jeremy Sinden
Eddie Reindeer
Brian Haines
Billy Milton
William Dysart
Robert Hartley
Richard Aylen
Jeff Hall
Marcia Warren
Chris Sullivan
Peter Thornton
Mischa de la Motte