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Inspector Alleyn Mysteries Inspector Alleyn Mysteries


Inspector Alleyn Mysteries (BBC-1 1993-1994, Patrick Malahide, Belinda Lang)



Period crime drama series detailing the cases of Detective Chief Inspector Alleyn in the late 1940’s. Academically gifted, with a double first from Oxford, is a somewhat cerebral detective.

Aided by his partner Inspector Brad Fox and novelist lady friend Agatha Troy, Alleyn solves a series of murder cases.

The character, created by New Zealand author Ngaio Marsh, had first appeared on TV in the 1960’s anthology series Detective and then in a one off TV movie in 1990 where he was played by Simon Williams. This can be considered very much a pilot for the series with Belinda Lang and William Simons both appearing.

The series is also known as The Alleyn Mysteries.

production details
UK / BBC One / 9×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 18 April 1993 – 29 August 1994

Producer: George Gallaccio / Characters: Ngaio Marsh / Music: Anne Dudley (closing theme) and Ray Russell / Script Editor: David Crane (High profile directors on the series included Jim Goddard, Martyn Friend and Michael Winterbottom)

PATRICK MALAHIDE as Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn
WILLIAM SIMONS as Inspector Brad Fox
BELINDA LANG as Agatha Troy

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries

Patrick Malahide as Alleyn and Belinda Lang as Agatha Troy.

Artists in Crime (23 December 1990)

SEASON ONE 18 April – 16 May 1993
A Man Lay Dead (18 April 1993)
The Nursing Home Murder (25 April 1993)
Final Curtain (2 May 1993)
Death at the Bar (9 May 1993)
Death in a White Tie (16 May 1993)

SEASON TWO 10 January – 29 August 1994
Hand in Glove (10 January 1994)
Dead Water (1 April 1994)
Scales of Justice (29 August 1994)



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