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The Last Train, The (ITV 1999 with Nicola Walker and James Hazledine)



Gripping six-part mini-series The Last Train follows the fate of a group of train crash survivors after the Earth is ravaged by a giant meteorite strike. Travelling from London to Sheffield when the meteor hits, a suspicious canister carried by scientist Harriet Ambrose (Nicola Walker – Spooks) ruptures, plunging the carriage-load of passengers into a state of suspended animation.

They awake to find a startling new and devastated world – with no sign of human life. What happened and how long were they asleep? Convinced that there will be other survivors holding the answers at a top-secret installation in Scotland known as ‘Ark’, Harriet persuades the group to embark upon a perilous journey across the UK. With threats ranging from acid rain to wild animals, their mission will be anything but easy – and with no guarantee that they’ll find the answers they’re so desperately looking for.

The star-studded cast includes Amita Dhiri (Milly from This Life), Christopher Fulford (Horblower, Cracker) and Treva Ettiene (Pirates of the Caribbean).

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 6×60 minute episodes / Broadcast April 7 – 6 May 1999

Writer: Matthew Graham / Music: Christopher Gunning / Design: Stephen Finerei / Costume: Lyn Avery / Special Effects: Steve Tonkow / Producer: Sita Williams / Director: Stuart Orme

Nicola Walker as Harriet Ambrose
James Hazeldine as Austin Danforth
Amita Dhiri as Jandra Nixon
Treva Etienne as Mick Sizer
Christopher Fulford as Ian Hart
Zoe Telford as Roe Germaine
Dinita Gohil as Anita Nixon
Sacha Dhawan as Leo Nixon
Janet Dale as Jean Wilson
Caroline Carver as Hild
Steve Huison as Colin Wallis
Ralph Brown as Jonathan Geddes
Phil Smeeton as Hornrim