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Tutti Frutti (BBC-1 1987 with Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson)



UK / BBC One / 6×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 3 March – 7 April 1987 Tuesdays 9.30pm

Writer: John Byrne / Music: The Majestics, Zoot Money / Producer: Andy Park / Director: Tony Smith

Comedy drama series. Featuring star making turns from both Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson this multi award winning six parter from the pen of John Byrne sees Coltrane playing Danny McGlone who returns home to Glasgow to attend the funeral of his brother Big Jazza, lead singer of 1960’s rock and roll band now fallen on hard times The Majestics.

With a 25th anniversary tour about to kick off, the rest of the band persuade Danny (who just happens to be as good a front man) to join them on the road. Adding to the complications are Danny’s on-off relationship with Suzy Kettles (Emma Thompson), a very dodgy manager Eddie Clockerty (a highly fab performance from Richard Wilson) and an aging group that are more worried about arthritis than working the crowd and you have on your hands an all time classic!

EMMA THOMPSON as Suzie Kettles
MAURICE ROEVES as Vincent Driver
RICHARD WILSON as Eddie Clockerly
KATY MURPHY as Miss Toner
STUART McGUGAN as Bomba MacAteer
JAKE D’ARCY as Fud O’Donnell
RON DONACHIE as Dennis Sproull