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UKIP: The First 100 Days (Channel 4 2015 with Priyanga Burford)



UK / Channel 4 / 1×65 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 15 February 2015 @ 9.00pm

Executive Producer: Richard Bond / Director: Chris Atkins

This ground-breaking and provocative one-off fictional documentary, from the producers of Cyberbully and Blackout, is set in a fabricated future where Ukip have won a shock victory in the 2015 general election, and Nigel Farage is Prime Minister of Britain.

The film follows the path of a newly elected MP, Deepa Kaur, Ukip’s only female Asian MP, as she tries to navigate frontline politics during her first 100 days in office. Deepa settles into the role and works to fulfil Ukip’s promises to create a new Britain, remove Britain from Europe and introduce a new crackdown on illegal immigration. Deepa is drawn closer and closer to the centre of power, but her ambition for high office puts her on a collision course with some of her most deeply held convictions.

The programme casts members of the public and actors, weaving real-life archive with scripted drama to tell the story of how Britain adapts to a momentous change in government policy and political outlook. The rise of Ukip’s electoral support and their prominence in opinion polls is the political phenomenon of recent years and this film provides a timely and innovative exploration of the effect their policies might have on Britain.

Priyanga Burford as Deepa Kaur
Hubert Burton as Harry
Tom Reed as Das Singh
Jamie Glassman as Geoff Hill


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