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Who Do You Do? (ITV 1972, Freddie Starr, Faith Brown)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Who Do You Do? was a fast paced impression based sketch series. Freddie Starr headlined for most of the shows run (seasons 1-4 plus 1st special). Also appearing regularly were Peter Goodwright (seasons 1-2 and 5), Pat Dailey and Bill Wayne (seasons 2-3), Roger Kitter (season 3), Paul Melba (season 3), Johnny More (season 4), Faith Brown (specials 2 and 3 and season 5), Janet Brown (specials 2-3 and season 5) and Little and Large (season 5).

Other semi regular performers included Russ Abbott, Les Dennis and Dustin Gee, Michael Barrymore and Aiden J. Harvey.

The sketches tended to be performed in front of a plain white backdrop and to be fair there were as many misses as hits.

The fifth and final season went out as Now Who Do You Do but the format was the same. It wasn’t properly networked and one rogue episode aired three months after the show had apparently finished.

The specials were
1. Christmas Who Do You Do? (24 December 74)
2. A Special Who Do You Do? (26 December 75)
3. Now Who Do You Do? (20 August 76)

In 1995 Central TV revived the show for 30 new 30 minute episodes (directed by Jon Scoffield), original player Aidan J. Harvey hosted this show.

production details
ITV Network – London Weekend Television / 56×25 minute episodes 1×40 minute episode / 8 January 1972 – 23 May 1976 and one episode on 20 August 1976

Creator/Producer: Jon Scoffield

SEASON ONE 7 January 1972 –
1. 7 JANUARY 1972