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Wildest Dreams (BBC-1 2009 with Nick Knowles)



UK / BBC One / 7×60 minute episodes / Broadcast July 2009 Tuesday

A spin on the reality show genre, Wildest Dreams sends a group of amateur wannabe wildlife photographers into deepest Africa in a quest to win a place working for the BBC’s world famous Natural History Unit. Hosted by Nick Knowles and film maker James Honeyborne (and with a team of specialist judges on hand who also provide advice and tips along the way) the show throws the nine hopefuls – who include a night shift factory worker and ex-restaurant manager) into the deep end with their very first assignment – filming elephants from water with only a wobbly canoe to film from. Not to mention the fact that the water surrounding them is full of crocs and hippos!!!

Their task though is to head into the Kalahari to film Meerkats, only thing is they happen to be going during rainy season and the whole thing comes crashing down around them when a whole years worth of rain falls in four days. A quick change sees them having to track rhinos instead!!

Each episode sees the weakest team being picked and given a solo task as their last chance to stay in the competition.

Well the reality genre moves into the world of the Natural History Documentary, it’s interesting enough but it’s hardly a show that needs to be made and of course the best thing about the whole thing is the wildlife footage!!!