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The Modern British Slave Trade (Channel 4 31 Jan 2017)The Modern British Slave Trade (Channel 4 31 Jan 2017)


The Modern British Slave Trade (Channel 4 31 Jan 2017)



The Modern British Slave Trade, airing on Tuesday 31 Jan on Channel 4 at 10.00pm, explores the rise of modern slavery in the UK, giving a portrait of the dark world of forced labour through the eyes of the people involved.

The British government estimates that there are approximately 13,000 people forced into slavery in the UK today and this documentary provides a unique insight into this hidden criminal world, from the ‘slaves’ themselves to the investigators and the people who are trying to tackle this criminal industry. From agriculture to nail bars, the programme explores the dark world of modern-day slavery and many of the people trapped in plain sight.

Executive Producer: Nick Metcalfe
Production Company: Arrow

The Modern British Slave Trade airs on Tuesday 31 January 2017 at 10.00pm on Channel 4.


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