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Texas Wheelers, The (ABC 1974-1975, Jack Elam, Gary Busey)



Texas Wheelers

The Texas Wheelers was an earthy comedy about the four motherless Wheeler children and their no-account, cantankerous, “but lovable” father Zack. With Zack spending most of his time thinking of ways to avoid work, eldest son Truckle, 24, led the clan, which consisted of Doobie (16), Boo (12), and T.J. (10).

Their adventures living in rural Texas, without much money but with a lot of spirit, provided the stories for this short-lived series.

production details
USA / ABC- Mary Tyler Moore / 13x30m-e / September 13, 1974 – July 24, 1975

Creator: Dale McRaven / Producers: Dale McRaven, Chris Hayward

Jack Elam as Zack Wheeler
Gary Busey as Truckie Wheeler
Mark Hamill as Doobie Wheeler
Karen Oberdiear as Boo Wheeler
Tony Becker as B.J. Wheeler
Lisa Eilbacher as Sally
Dennis Burkley as Bud
Noble Willingham as Sheriff