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Follyfoot Season One DVD ReviewFollyfoot Season One DVD Review

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Follyfoot Season One DVD Review



Network / 2 disc set

Gillian Blake, Steve Hodson, Arthur English, Christian Rodska, Desmond Llewellyn,

Every TV show fan/collector has their own wish list of shows that define “must have”; Often they are the shows that made an impact on them in their formative years or made a big impression on them in some way. Top of our list has always been Follyfoot, the first season of which Network in their very special wondrousness have just released on DVD. Network in fact are pretty much cleaning up the market with vintage shows on not just our wishlist but every classic television aficianado.

follyfoot-season-oneSeason one features 13 episodes and follows teenage Dora(Blake) who, when her parents take up a government position in Brazil of all places, goes to stay with her wealthy Uncle Geoffrey aka The Colonel. She quickly finds a role for herself working at Follyfoot Farm, his home for neglected horses. Much of the early part of the season follows Dora as she integrates herself into her new surroundings, making friends with the others at the farm; Steve (who she has a strong affinity with); the slightly dubious Ron Stryker, handyman Slugger (Arthur English) and the youngsters Callie and Gip.

Right from the opening bars of its fantastic theme tune (The Lightning Tree by The Settlers) you know you have something special with Follyfoot, a brilliant 1970’s series that althoughy aimed at a teenage audience doesn’t pull any punches when dealing with the harsher realities of life and its Sunday afternoon slot meant that it gained quite a following amongst the general audience too.

Comparisons with Adventures of Black Beauty are often drawn when talking about Follyfoot but the Foot came first and is certainly less romanticised than Beauty. Incidentally directors on this first season include such talents as Stephen Frears, Michael Apted and Vic Hughes.

Even without any extras this is definitely our release of the month if not the year and sits comfortably in the bracket marked essential.


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