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Silver Hawk On DVD With Michelle Yeoh



Release date: 26 September 2005

Distributor: Momentum Asia | Region 2

Based on Xiao Ping’s comic book series originally published in Shangai in the 1940s, SILVER HAWK is an ultra-stylish, action-packed, vigilante superhero caper starring the undisputed queen of martial arts cinema, Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Tomorrow Never Dies), as the eponymous motorcycle-riding, masked heroine with a penchant for figure-hugging silver costumes. An English language film directed by award-winning cinematographer Jingle Ma (Tokyo Raiders), the film also stars Michael Jai White (Spawn) and Luke Goss (Blade II).

Updating the story to the very near future, SILVER HAWK starts with a bang – Michelle Yeoh spectacularly jumping the Great Wall of China on a motorcycle in pursuit of a gang of kidnappers – and builds from there.

A kung fu prodigy as a child, sexy celebrity millionairess Lulu Wong (Michelle Yeoh) lives a secret double life, dividing her time between working as a highly successful businesswoman and fighting crime as the Silver Hawk, a vigilante armed with finely honed martial arts skills, a barrage of high-tech hardware and a souped-up BMW motorcycle. The kidnapping of a prominent scientist, whose groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence technology looks set to revolutionize the world of communications, prompts the Silver Hawk to seek out Alexander Wolfe, a bionic-armed super-villain with his sights set on world domination. By employing the new A.I. technology, Wolfe plans to brainwash the populace via their mobile phones. Also on Wolfe’s trail is newly appointed police detective Rich Man (Richie Ren) who, unknowingly, is a long-lost childhood friend of Lulu’s. But bringing Wolfe to justice is to prove far from easy. Before she can get to him, Silver Hawk must first take on Wolfe’s accomplices – a deadly duo of assassins, a team of bungee-jumping swordsmen and a horde of rollerblading killers.

Stylishly directed by Jingle Ma with a unique visual flair and more than a touch a humour, SILVER HAWK is pure eye-candy, jam-packed with breathtaking stunt work, balletic fight sequences, explosive action and cutting-edge CGI effects. It is a perfect showcase for the amazing talents of the inimitable Ms. Yeoh who, as Lulu Wong/Silver Hawk, embodies the sexiest role of her career to date.

SILVER HAWK (cert. 15) will be released on DVD by Momentum Asia on 26th September 2005. Special Features include “Silver Hawk” slideshow, trailers, 5.1, DTS audio and scene selection.

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