1990: Whatever Happened to Cardinal Wolsey (BBC-2 17 Oct 1977, with John Castle)

In Whatever Happened to Cardinal Wolsey Ombudsman Court official Philip Carter is proving to be rather too sympathetic to the people appearing before him; The PCD want him dealt with immediately – something that sparks Kyle’s interest.

The PCD turn their attention to Carter’s pregnant wife Susie in a bid to make him do what they want. Kyle tries to persuade his colleague, Ed Burbank of the Washington Post, to write a story about Carter. It’s not enough though, Kyle then tries to persuade Carter to talk his wife into escaping. The intention being that with all press eyes now on him Carter would then speak his mind. The PCD crew leading the scare tactics take a step over the line and Susie miscarries her baby.

A nicely powerful episode, most of which takes place in the Ombudsman Court, this is where people can appeal against whatever injustices the PCD have instigated against them, such as losing their right to work card, or having any more children. In reality the courts very seldom uphold an appeal, the whole process being little more than a sop.

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Lots of well known faces appearing in this episode with the excellent John Castle taking the guest lead as the well meaning Carter but there are also roles for Frank Mills (as the nasty PCD Inspector Jones), Anna Cropper and genre favourite Ed Bishop.

classic quote
“They’ve turned discipline into the nastiest fine art the world’s ever known. They make the Marquis de Sade look like a neglected Saint.”

“You know sometimes Delly I wonder about you, I don’t think you were born at all. I think you were just assembled.”

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 17 October 1977

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Writer: Wilfred Greatorex / Production Design: Judy Steele / Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot

Series: 1990 Season 1 Episode 6

Edward Woodward as Jim Kyle
Robert Lang as Herbert Skardon
Barbara Kellermann as Delly Lomas
Tony Doyle as Dave Brett
Paul Hardwick as Faceless
George Murcell as Greaves
Clifton Jones as Henry Tasker
James Lister as PCD Supervisor Wade
Pamela Sholto as Chairperson
Ian Liston as Talbot
John Castle as Philip Carter
John Phillips as Attorney-General Graham
John Savident as Dan Mellor
Janie Booth as Lena
Anna Cropper as Susie Carter
Frank Mills as PCD Inspector Jones
Ed Bishop as Ed Burbank
John York as Davies
Martin C Thurley as Clayton
Graeme Eton as Aldwick

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