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Bergerac: Weekend Off (BBC-1 25 Feb 1989, with David Troughton)



In Weekend Off Jim has just that but Barney has other ideas, he wants Jim to act as escort for a prominent French electronics engineer, Anton Charry, who is due to give evidence. Jim has met Anton before and quickly realises the man he picks up is not Charry.

When it’s clear Charry has been kidnapped Special Branch men Walter and Rushden turn up and quickly make a nuisance of themselves with their arrogant ways.

Meanwhile there is a rare appearance from Debbie when Jim has to visit her in London after Charlie reveals that she was once involved with the Frenchman. It turns out that the trail to Anton also leads to London…

A decidedly not quite together episode, the most interesting bits are the scenes between Susan (who also happens to be in London) and Debbie, both of whom spend much of the episode waiting around for Jim. In the end when Jim is involved in a shoot out that could have turned nasty it is Debbie who runs crying into his arms whilst Susan stands in the background looking on.

Bergerac Weekend Off

It’s Deborah who is first to comfort Jim.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×55 minute episode / Broadcast 25 February 1989

Writer: John Milne / Director: Charlie Nairn

Series: Bergerac Season 7 Episode 5

John Nettles as Det Sgt Bergerac
James Faulkner as Anton
Georges Trillat as Letellier
Marianne Borgo as Janine
David Kershaw as Ben Lomas
John Telfer as Willy Pettit
Sean Arnold as Crozier
David Troughton as Det Insp Walter
Simon Dutton as Det Con Rushden
Nancy Mansfield as Peggy
Terence Alexander as Hungerford
Louise Jameson as Susan Young
Deborah Grant as Deborah
Geoffrey Hutchings as Silver
Sam Cox as Chief Insp Tibbson
Robert Swann as Chief Supt Marston